Jasmine Low Mui Wan
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Director/Behavioural Specialist for Sustainability and ESG Integration
SED Consulting
Area of Expertise:
Area of Expertise:
Formulation of Enterprise ESG strategy
Cultivation of ESG Thought Leadership in Enterprises
ESG solutioning and integration
Capacity Building for Sustainable Development & Solutions (CO2 & Climate Change Mitigation)
Development of Enterprise Sustainability Mindsets & Behaviour
Empower Sustainability in the Workplace (Processes, Systems, & Protocols)
Integrate Sustainability Actions to Maximize Technological Performance
Develop Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Programs & Outreach
Cultivate Recycling & Food Waste Reduction Actions (Circular Economy & Solutions)

Areas of Consultancy Services Provided:
Advisory on
- Maximizing Companies’ Client Engagement for Their Eco-Friendly Products
- Achieving Green Certifications, Standards, Awards, & Sustainability Reporting
- Building and operationalising a corporate culture of sustainability that embodies the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria across all departments.
- Equipping companies towards effective partnership with multiple stakeholders to enable and ensure progress in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), so as to grow employee, customer, investor and community trust and confidence.



Certification Since and To Date:
30 Jun 2021 to 29 Jun 2024

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